Water softener saving calculator

Here is an overview of some of the savings a family of 4 can expect when a water softener is fitted.

Item Monthly Cost % Saved You Save
Bars of Soap £2.50 50% £1.25
Shower Gel £2.00 50% £1.00
Shampoo and Conditioner £6.00 75% £4.50
Branded hand cream £3.00 50% £1.50
Washing powder £6.00 50% £3.00
Mosituriser £5.00 50% £2.50
Shaving foam £2.00 75% £1.50
Washing up detergent £2.00 75% £1.50
Bathroom/toilet cleaners £3.00 75% £2.25
Total savings each month £19.00

This figures are a conservative estimate of the saving you may achieve when you fit a water softener.

You will save on all types of cleaners, toilet bowl descaler, shaving equipment (cutting blades last longer as the soap makes skin smoother), all other cleaning agents, dishwasher consumables and energy costs (“furry” heating elements use more energy).

If you are thinking about installing a water softener for the first time, you might find our FAQ section useful.

To find out more about the costs of installing a water softener and an idea of the running costs of water softeners call

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Its a lot cheaper than you might think – plus your water softener will pay for itself.

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