Water softener FAQ

Water Softeners. Some common questions

This can depend of the hardness of water in your area.  Once installed, a water softener will need salt added to renew the resin that removes the "hardness" from water in Hertfordshire. Bags of block salt start from £4.85 inc VAT and will last 1 -2 months depending on water usage.
A water softener will pay for itself many times over, especially when you consider the savings on cleaning materials. The time it takes to pay for itself will vary but usually within 1-3 years the savings outweigh the initial costs. See the typical money savings with a water softener installed
Soft water will drastically reduce the amount of soap and detergents you need to use for cleaning. The actual amount you use will depend on both personal preference and how hard your mains water supply is. It is often possible to save 50 -75% on cleaning products however.
Generally speaking, soft water is perfectly safe to drink. There may be some people who shouldn't drink it though, for instance people on a low sodium diet.  Most of your mineral content will come from your normal diet, so drinking water from your water softener should be safe. If in doubt, seek medical advice before drinking softened water.
Not recommended. Soft water still has mineral content, it's just that the calcium and magnesium that cause hard water are removed. Follow the manufacturers instructions at all times. Generally they recommend de-ionised water (not water from a water softener).
It seems that eczema sufferers are helped by moving from a hard water area to a soft water area of the country. Naturally soft water is different to water from a water softener though. So if you are an eczema sufferer, you may get a benefit from softened water in your home. There are many reports that hard water causes dry skin, so by installing a water softener, you will be able to use pure soaps with less additives which should help. Obviously there are no guarantees that soft water will work in every case, but it may help.
Modern water softeners are designed to be small, neat and efficient. They need a mains water feed and the point where mains water enters a dwelling will vary. We are professional plumbers so we can supply and fit a water softener just about anywhere. The degree of plumbing will vary but we do offer free site surveys in & around Hertfordshire. There is usually a simple solution where pipework can be extended to suit your exact situation without any fuss or drama.
Yes you can but rather than just refill your aquarium with soft water in one go. Add a mixture of hard and soft water over several water changes. You don't want to upset the fine ecosystem in an aquarium in one go. Some fish (especially tropical fish) are very sensitive to small changes in their environment, so just introduce soft water slowly.
We are plumbing and heating engineers, so depending on the type of system you have in the home, we may be able to have your central heating system running with soft water. Not all systems are compatible though, so we would recommend you book a *free site survey if you live in the Hertford region or surrounding villages. Call James A Turner 01992 583176 - [email] to book a survey

All work is fully insured and guaranteed for 12 months. We are registered with Gas Safe and OFTEC and are members of The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers. So no matter what the problem with your central heating system, Oil or Gas boiler, James A Turner are here to help.

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