Water Softeners

Water softeners remove the minerals, calcium and magnesium found in hard water that results in scale and scum. They are intended to treat the whole house supply so they are generally installed close to the point where the mains hard water supply enters the premises. In most cases this is near to the Kitchen or Utility sink and the cold water supply to the tap in this area is left as a hard supply for drinking water. Generally garden taps are left with a hard water supply. Where this is not possible the water softener can be by-passed when watering the garden.

We recommend Dualflo and Tapworks products.

Dualflo water softeners

Duaflow Water Softener

Tapworks water softeners

Tapworks Water Softener

Prices start from around £500.00 plus VAT for supply only, contact us for latest offers and a supply and installation estimate.

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