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A boiler is the engine of your central heating system and is likely to be the most expensive appliance in your home. It is possibly the item that you know least about.

Generally a central heating boiler heats the water that circulates around your radiators and/or underfloor heating system. It also provides the hot water to your taps either directly (combination boiler) or indirectly via a hot water cylinder.

Gas or Oil Boilers come in two main forms:

  • A ‘Standard’ (‘Heat only’) boiler provides hot water for your heating circuit and is also connected to a hot water cylinder to provide the heat indirectly to the water to your taps.
  • A ‘Combi’ boiler heats water for your central heating system and your hot water taps on demand. So all hot water comes directly from the boiler. It’s name (Combi boiler) derives from the fact that it is combining the roles of both the central heating boiler and hot water storage cylinder in one.

Typically boilers are gas or oil fired. Modern boilers (condensing boilers) do this in the most efficient way.

Since 2005 (2007 for oil) it became part of legislation that, unless there are exceptional circumstances, all new boilers to be installed have to be condensing boilers. If you have an “old” (pre 2005/7) boiler that is still working well then there is no need to worry that it is illegal or unsafe. Providing it is regularly serviced there should not be a problem. Your service engineer would advise if there were any causes for concern. However, you could be saving money on your fuel bills (up to 35%) by updating your boiler, also helping the environment as condensing boilers are more efficient in the amount of energy they use.

We are able to install all types of central heating systems to your home, offices or premises. Importantly we are both Gas Safe (Natural Gas and LPG) and OFTEC (Oil) registered. We are not tied to any particular manufacturer and will simply advise you of the best options based upon our experience.

We carry out a full chemical powerflush with every new boiler installation as required by the boiler manufacturer to ensure that their warranty is valid. This will also improve the overall performance of your existing system.

We are happy to give you a no obligation consultation on your current central heating system and take you through the various options available to you including

  • Energy Efficient Boilers
  • Energy Efficient Controls

Call 01992 583176 – office@jamesaturner.co.uk

All work is fully insured and guaranteed for 12 months. We are registered with Gas Safe and OFTEC and are members of The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers. So no matter what the problem with your central heating system, Oil or Gas boiler, James A Turner are here to help.

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